Battersea’s desperate plea after three dogs tied to front gate within 24 hours

Battersea is urging the public not to abandon their dogs after three pets were tied to their front gate within just 24 hours. Two Dogue De Bourdeaux, six-year-old Amber and nine-year-old Crystal, and a one-year- old Cockapoo named Bella had been abandoned by their separate owners on the same day.

Despite having a traumatic start to their rescue journey, all three dogs are now being looked after by Battersea, where they are receiving expert care until they are ready to find their new homes. The charity has also seen an increase in people wishing to surrender their pet in recent months.

With the increased cost of living, and people struggling to make ends meet, the much-loved charity has seen a steady increase in people wishing to give up their pets.

In June, Battersea received nearly 1,200 enquiries from people looking to bring their pets in: a 30 per cent increase compared to the same time last year.

Rob Young, head of centre operations at Battersea said: “With the ever-increasing cost of living, these are very worrying times for many pet owners who may be struggling to provide their pets with what they need, such as food and veterinary care. Whilst it’s hard to say for sure, we suspect that this is why we are seeing more people wishing to surrender their animals into our care.

“Here at Battersea we have a non-selective intake policy and are here for any dog or cat in need of our help. However, we would urge people never to just abandon their pets by tying them up and leaving them, as it can be extremely dangerous and distressing for the animal and adds pressure to already stressed animal rescues.

“We would never judge someone for needing to give up a pet, and we believe that handing your much-loved pet into a rescue centre like Battersea is often the most responsible thing to do.

“International Dog Day (August 26) is all about celebrating the joy that dogs can bring into our lives, and if you do find yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for your dog it’s important to do the best thing by them. Reach out to a local charities, like Battersea, to see what help could be available to you and your pet.”

Advice on the financial implications of getting a new dog, as well as a breakdown of the specific costs attached to each of their basic requirements, is available on the Battersea website. If you’re in a situation where you find yourself needing to responsibly give up your dog, or for some advice on pet ownership.