Caviar reveals meteorite-infused Galaxy Z Fold 4 line priced up to $11,500

Russian luxury customization company Caviar is known for taking already pricey items, usually phones, and making them even more expensive by adding exotic materials. The latest device to get this treatment is the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is available in four variants priced as high as $11,500.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 already has a wallet-crushing starting price of $1,799. That’s small change compared to the cheapest of Caviar’s line of customized foldables. That Black Rain phone gets you a titanium body, black protective PVD coating, and real calf leather for a mere $9,510.

The Solar Eclipse adds 24K gold alongside the calf leather while upping the price to $9,590, or $10,030 for the 512GB variant. But if you really want to show your fellow country club members how impressive your bank account is, you’ll need to opt for the Canyon Diablo, which includes meteorite inserts and a $10,720 price tag ($11,150 for the 512GB model).

For those with so much money that it’s lost all meaning, there’s the Golden Meteor. It may sound like a sex act, but in reality, this Z Fold 4 has a “Double Gold Electroplated jewelry alloy” body, meteorite pieces, and even more 24K gold. It costs $11,070 or $11,500 if you want more storage.

Caviar has included with its comically priced Black Rain phone a description possibly stolen from a masculinity seminar: “A real man is a warrior, an individual with an inflexible will, walking tall towards his goal,” it reads. The Golden Meteor blurb is equally confusing: “Humanity has always striven for new and unknown things. The bravest and most courageous of us have always been eager to expand the boundaries of the unknown, to find something new and unique.”

There are only 99 models of each of the two limited edition ‘cheaper’ phones, along with 29 Canyon Diablos and 29 Golden Meteors, so you best move fast to secure one.

Caviar unveiled its Visionaries collection last year. It included an Elon Musk bust that you wouldn’t know was supposed to be the SpaceX boss unless you were told so and an iPhone made from a melted Tesla. There were also busts of Steve Jobs and Alibaba Group co-founder/former executive chairman Jack Ma.

Caviar moved its headquarters to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in April, likely the result of sanctions placed on its homeland of Russia. Samsung is one of the many companies to have suspended sales of its products in the country following the invasion of Ukraine.